Crystal Sound Therapy 

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"If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.” - Nicola Tesla 


Crystal Sound Therapy AND 432 Hz Crystal Singing Bowls brings together
an art and science that addresses the whole person – mind, body and spirit.
As a personalized practitioner of Crystal Sound Therapy,
I integrate 432 Hz sound frequencies in a customized way to promote
optimal health and wellness for the client.
I invite you to join me on this wonderful journey of wellness.


My experience with the crystal bowls was very relaxing. They actually put me right to sleep, and I rested peacefully as Ariel also guided my breath work to relax even more deeply. That's usually hard to do for me because my mind races like crazy. Hearing the sounds were extremely relaxing and healing. I look forward to more crystal bowl sessions and more relaxation. Thank you Ariel for a great experience!"  - James 

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frequently asked questions 

What are crystal singing bowls?

Made from a specialized crystal material first invented in the 1980's by scientists, specially tuned bowls are intentionally made for the receiver to experience deep states of listening and wellness. Every bowl (7) is designed for (7 chakras) which are linked with organ, meridian, emotional, spiritual, mental systems. The intention is holistic, effecting every cell, and fiber of one's being. Listening and relaxing into a session can have profound positive effects on any individual, plant, animal ect. because it can help reinstate a harmonic instead of dissonant frequency or energy.

Is this medicine of the future? Perhaps. Sound and energy permeate every living thing, and to reinstate harmony in order to have proper function of all things might just be the start. 

Why 432Hz versus 440Hz?

432 Hz is considered a divine healing frequency, whereas most 440 Hz alternatives are said to be farther then the divine healing frequency.  Tuned onto the 432 Hz scale, it produces a lower, softer, and clearer tuning than the alternative. It is said that 432 Hz scale is a closer alignment to divine and universal energy , which aligns with the mathematical laws of nature and promoting more freedom of emotion and connection with the divine. 

How old is Sound Healing?

Sound healing practices are as old as ancient medicine. From the caves of monks, monasteries of tibet to all indiginous tribes across the world we find evidence of sound frequency healing in many different forms. Native American chiefs have been known to call in the help of the Ancestors and bringing in rain during drought months with the aid of sound healing. Tibetan monks and priests have also been known to clear their prayer and mediation spaces with the help of sound healing. 

So why would it not be effective for you?  The answer, we all think it could :) 

What are Chakras?

Chakra points are energy vortices that exist mainly on the front and back of the body.  As communication centers they can receive and give information to its environment. They are also great guides that can lead us in the right direction of life, ie. "follow your gut". Chakras are connected to organs, meridians, emotions, and all mind, body, spirit processes. Crystal Sound Therapy can be a profoundly beneficial tool in clearing all of the chakra points, and create harmonic health. When the chakras are clear, life seems to flow a lot better. 

Please refer to the Chakra picture below for more information.

Can pets and homes be cleared too?

Absolutely Yes! Any living thing or environment can be brought to a state of wellness and lighter feeling with Crystal Sound Therapy, if thats whats intended for the highest and best. 




About Ariel 

Spiritual Coach & Advisor, Crystal Sound Therapist

Ariel is a formally trained and certified spiritual practitioner since 2005 and has offered various modalities since that time. She is a certified massage therapist, and reiki master allowing her to understand both the physical and energetic bodies of her clients. Her passion developed for Crystal Sound Therapy when she was first introduced to it in 2010, and noticed the profound relaxation and healing that took place for her. After various sessions of this kind over the years, she finally decided to offer this service to others hoping it will help others feel more enlightened, clarity, and ease and grace in their life. 

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